The Herbal Society of Australia is a not-for-profit organisation whose purpose is to promote the knowledge, formula, and the use of herbs and herb related products through education and research.

The activities of the society include:

  • Sponsoring meetings or conventions for members of the society where they can interact with one another to their mutual benefit especially in regard to:

1)      Knowledge and use of herbs.

2)      Cultivating, propagating, growing and preservation techniques of herbs.

3)      Interpretation, techniques and innovations in the use of herbal related products.

4)      Financial assistance to develop herbal products formulation.

These meetings are open to the public to disseminate educational information on the use of herbs and herbal related products.

  •  Issuing a quarterly newsletter.
  • Promoting and encouraging high standards of conduct and quality products. Any individual, institution, business firm, or corporation of good character or reputation engaged in the business of growing or marketing herbs or hobbying with herbs and/or subscribing to the objects of the association may become a member.
  • Engaging in other activities appropriate to the purpose of the society and of interest to the members.

Strategic Partnership:

Herbal Society of Australia has a strategic partnership with Beauty Care Solution Australia. Beauty Care Solution Australia is a 100% Australian owned and registered company, engaged in manufacturing and marketing herbal products. They provide financial assistance to the members of the Herbal Society of Australia to develop the formula, process and usage of the herbal products. The patent is held by the Herbal Society of Australia but Beauty Care Solution Australia has the exclusive right through a licensing agreement to manufacture and market the products under a strict product quality management system.

Herbal products manufactured and marketed by Beauty Care Solution Australia under the license agreement with Herbal Society of Australia bear the product quality conformity seal and logo of Herbal Society of Australia.