The content on the Herb Society of Australia website is not intended as a medical reference but as a source of information.

Before trying any herbal remedy the user is recommended to try a small quantity first to establish whether there are any adverse or allergic reactions to the herb.

Please remember when you are using herbs for their medicinal properties, they are just that – ‘medicinal’. If you wish to take a herbal remedy with prescribed medicines, you should talk to a pharmacist or your GP first – treat all herbal remedies with respect.

Neither the webmaster nor the experts or authors can be held responsible for any adverse reactions to herb information given on this website. The use of any herb or derivative is entirely at the user’s own risk.

The Herb Society of Australia is not qualified to provide medicinal advice. Officers and Council Members of the society accept no liability for any harm, damage, or illness arising from the use of plants mentioned or described on this website.

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