HERBAL SOCIETY OF AUSTRALIA-Welcome to our website

Natural solution for humans from herbs.

The Herbal Society of Australia was founded to promote the study, research, sharing of knowledge, history and use of herbs and herbs related products. It is an internationally – renowned, not for profit organisation dedicated to encouraging the appreciation and use of herbs in our daily lives specially in cooking, gardening, beauty care, historical and medicinal uses for professionals or amateurs. Whilst majority of our members are in Australia, we have members worldwide including the USA, UK, Thailand, Japan, South Africa and Europe.

Our Vision:
The vision of the Herbal Society of Australia is to become the prime source for herbal information, education, research, practice and sharing of knowledge.

Our Mission:
The mission of the Herbal Society of Australia is to promoting the knowledge and proper use of herbs through educational programs, research, newsletters and sharing the knowledge of its members with the community.

Values and Objectives:

The Herbal Society of Australia working in:

  • Promoting the knowledge and proper use of herbs.
  • Providing financial assistance for education and research about herbs.
  • Providing opportunities for networking and the exchange of information and experiences.
  • Promoting awareness about propagation, cultivation, identification, harvesting and preservation of herbs.
  • Fostering research to expand the history and understanding of herbs.
  • Encouraging evaluation and study of the medicinal and cosmetic properties of herbs through forum discussion, seminars and newsletters.
  • Creating awareness regarding the effect of the misuse of herbs on personal life and the society.


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